An online platform of financial solutions offered by Investment Funds registered in the platform.

The C4 Credit Consultant is an online platform that facilitates access to the financial products and services offered by the Credit Rights Investment Fund (FIDC) accredited in the platform.

With business partners across the country, C4 has consolidated its position as one of the main players in consumer finance and retail credit, expanding its operations in several segments to serve consumers with restricted access to credit, who seek to carry out their plans personal and professional plans.

The company constantly invests in technology and new ideas to transform trends in products and businesses, contributing to quality services for sustainable retail growth.

To qualify for C4 is easy.
Just go to our form and enter your company data.

Once your accreditation has been approved by our administrative sector, the integration of your sales system will begin with our financial system.

Now it is enough for the retailer to focus on sales and offer the installment facilities with credit by bank bill.

After the sale, you just need to request the anticipation to receive in prompt payment, the amount sold in the term.
Let us in charge of collection assiduity.