Here you can ask your questions about the C4

How does C4 work?

The C4 works through a platform that adapts payment solution between the retailer and consumers, tied to a line of credit for term sales of the product or service.

Your company offers a new credit alternative to your customers, leveraging your sales and working capital gains through the anticipation of your receivables and without disturbing the collection.

This is all very simple.

Do you provide a financial portal for partner retailers?

Yes. By using C4, your company also has a financial portal for better control and consultation of the winning operations, among other interesting features.

I already have a risk operation taken out. Why think about C4?

You can continue with your outright risk operation by subordinating the transaction to your cashier, since C4 provides an anticipation of receivables through a payment solution for sales to your consumers, thus another way to adjust your cash flow.

Is C4 agile its formalization with the retailer and its customers?

The C4 is a complete payment solution for you to sell a lot more in your physical store or e-commerce. It is the means of payment with simplified membership and no bureaucracy.

You still has specialized services such as management of credit analysis and risk, early receipt and cash, all without the inconvenience of monthly collection.

Will I need to expand my team to operate this system?

No. The C4 is designed so that the process of analysis, approval and authorization of anticipation of direct receivables to your system, in which the answer of the authorization or not of the credit line to your consumer will happen in less than 1 minute.

The C4 platform is able to integrate with the main ERP and checkout used by retailers.

The registration of your accreditation, training, doubts and the whole relationship is carried out by our call center.