Look the C4's operational model:



Standard Product Basket
Consumer financing, registration fee, insurance lender, loss of income and capitalization, Web platform.


Process and IT

Review Sales Flows and Processes
Models more adherent to the market and to the project - systemic adjustments to capture the operations carried out in the POS and credit analysis by means of signal (green - approved and red - disapproved).



Forms of credit and income loss insurance
Means and processes of feasibility analysis of debureaucratized financing, with the simple conference of RG, CPF, proof of residence and insurance of income loss that guarantees the payment of at least three installments of the financing.

Operational Aspects

Consumer credit features

Positive Impact for the consumer:

1) Simplified Documentation

2) No bureaucracy, simple process

3) Online approval via web and / or webservice

4) No reanalysis - 100% automatic

5) Acquisition of the product or service without the need of a relationship with the Bank

6) Without using the Credit Card Limit

7) Parceling and Sweepstakes

Positive Impact for the Retailer:

1) Approval of immediate credit in the POS, providing the customer to finalize their purchase quickly

2) Increase in the purchasing power of consumers and potential increase in the average value of the purchase of the product and / or service

3) Possibility of crossing the sales channels, through the provision of exclusive installment in the store with "digital" stimulus (email marketing, geolocation, and more)

4) Customer loyalty to PDVs - perception of exclusivity and reward for loyalty